How Can I Believe?


Little Books of Guidance series
London: SPCK, 2018, 46pp.
ISBN 978–0–281–07691–8.
eBook ISBN 978–0–281–07692–5.


1. The Starting Point
2. Why want to believe in the first place?
3. The human quest
4. Reaching for the unknown
5. The still small voice
7. Intimations of the sacred
7. Evil and waste
8. Belief and Observance

‘The work distils compelling arguments and ideas from its two predecessors, Why Believe? and How to Believe… Cottingham deals with each of the major objections to religions in turn, and offers a positive view of the religious attitude. His arguments are all the more compelling for being expressed in beautifully crafted, precise, at times almost poetic language; nearly every page has at least one quotable sentence.'
Professor Graham Shipley, Sophia.