The Humane Perspective:
Philosophical Reflections on Human Nature, The Search for Meaning, and the Role of Religion

Oxford University Press
forthcoming 2024


Part One: Manifesto and Method
1. The Humane Perspective
(with Appendix, providing a Conspectus of the Volume)
2. What is Humane Philosophy and Why it is At Risk?
Part Two: Morality and Meaning 
3. Integrity and Fragmentation 
4. Happiness, Temporality, and Meaning 
5. Philosophy, the Good Life, and Spirituality 
6. Conversion, Self-discovery, and Moral Change
Part Three: Science and its Limits 
7. Confronting the Cosmos: Scientific Rationality and Human Understanding.  
8. Transcending Science: Humane Models of Religious Understanding 
9. Brain Laterality and Religious Awareness 
10. Which Naturalism?
Part Four: Reaching for the Transcendent 
11. Religion and the Mystery of Existence 
12. From Desire to Encounter: the Human Quest for the Infinite 
13. The Meaning of Life and Transcendence 
14. Engagement, Immersion, and Enactment